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First Aid Trainers

First Aid Training in the North West

At North West first Aid Training we pride ourselves on the quality of all the training courses that we provide. We provide our courses all over the North West of Ireland.

Northwest First Aid Services was established in 2015 in response for a growing demand for a professional experienced approach to the application of first aid in the community, with the most up to date pre-hospital training in Ireland. All our courses are delivered by experienced pre-hospital practitioners coming from front line services, bringing first-hand experience to the courses with scenarios based on personal experiences gained in the pre-hospital environment. Our Instructors qualified in adult education, can tailor each course to the client’s needs and encapsulate all class members, both experienced and beginners. We operate an Occupational First Aid Assessment Agency (OFAAA) / Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) training site. And are an Irish Heart Foundation(IHF) / American Heart Association (AHA) affiliated training site

Our Instructors are current :

PHECC Registered Advanced Paramedics

OFAAA Instructor/ Examiners

PHECC Cardiac First Response Community Instructors

PHECC Cardiac First Response Advanced Instructors

Irish Heart Foundation/ American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructors

Irish Heart Foundation/ American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructors

University College Dublin Tutors in Pre-Hospital Care for Medical Students

University College Dublin Tutors in Immediate Care Cardiac/Trauma for General Practioners

Our instructors are experts who have years of experience attending thousands of emergency calls as members of the National Ambulance Service bringing realistic training, relating real life emergencies to the class room situation. At Northwest First Aid Training our aim is to try and bridge the gap between training and reality to provide the participants with the skills needed to deal with any emergency situation.

Our Courses can be run from outside locations as well as onsite facilities and we have a variety of  courses that meet the requirements of all walks of life from Basic First Aid Courses to Advanced Cardiac First Responder Level. The following Courses would be best suited for your requirements.